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My Thing

Flexibility is why we chose this profession. When not at 35000 ft in the air we are busy with families and other goals. Have a business on the side, a book, involved in a charity organization, a fashion or jewelry designer, offer professional consulting, a realtor, etc? MyThing is dedicated to help promote your passion. Every month FlyGalz will feature a flight attendant’s business. Check back while we work on this page.

Must Have

We always have two pairs. One, we call “terminal” shoes and the other is service shoes. The latter comes in so many different styles that flight attendants often choose outside of the required style as recommended by their airlines. Some airlines require their skygalz to wear uniformed shoes while others don’t. Flight attendants in the US have more freedom in incorporating their own style in shoes and hosiery to go with their uniform. Let’s face it, being on your feet for sixteen hours a day will make your feet scream. Often times we forego sexy shoes over practical and comfortable ones. If only shoemakers and designers will create shoes that are comfortable and sexy. Let each other know where to get the most best comfortable and well designed shoes and hosiery.

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