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1. PURPOSE of FlyGalz like any social and business network, ie. Facebook and Linkedin, is a professional site.

2. BE RESPONSIBILE in what you write and post.  Because of the nature of our profession, think safety and security always!  DO NOT name crew hotels, your airline employer or use apps that lets the world know where you are.   When posting on Crashpad, use the same caution as you would when posting or researching classified advertisments.

3. BE SENSITIVE when posting.  Remember, the whole world, not just registered users are reading this site.  Young girls who might one day want to be skygalz may be browising.  Use of profanity…please don’t.  There are plenty of this on other sites.  Let’s keep it clean and professional and be respectful of each other’s opinions and cultural background.

4. ADVERTISING:  FlyGalz engages in advertising and business to business.  FlyGalz does not engage in selling personal information of any registered users to companies or affiliates.  ALL dvertisinig must be approved by FlyGalz.

4. LIABILITY.  FlyGalz is NOT responsible for any expressed or implied writings created and posted by registered users.  FlyGalz reserves the right to ban user if user does not comply.

5.  MyThing: You must be a current employee of an an airline or former flight attendant to post your business, interests or organization.  FlyGalz reserves the right to deny and remove posts up to banning you from further posts if you do not meet the criterias this page’s intended use.

6. MARKETING AFFILIATES/BUSINESS TO BUSINESS:   All advertising must be submitted for approval.   Please contact us at flygalzusa@aol.com.

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